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GET THIS... real estate staging is NOT interior design!

So in the last week now, twice I have had clients that want to tell ME how to stage their totally vacant properties.  That is like going to the dentist and telling him you know how to drill our own teeth... and asking for the drill while he watches. 

Real Estate staging is NOT interior design. The work we do is NOT a reflection of the seller's life, tastes, hopes, dreams, or wishes.  It IS a cohesive and UNDERSTATED expression of what the LARGEST home buying demographic segment would find appealing.

To date we NOW have over 2OOO props in our prop library.  We have painstakingly selected EACH prop to compliment a home... yet not SCREAM for attention.

Interior designers have UNLIMITED resources to create a design statements that reflect a client's tastes. The "design" of a good staged property blends in a bit, so that the HOME IS THE STAR, and that the buyer will feel welcomed and enticed.

A PROFESSIONAL stager understands that. A person that has paid their $300 bucks to be magically turned into a "Professional Stager"... well I have harped on that before in other blogs and enough.

Speaking of enough... I think that is. THANKS,


Comment balloon 5 commentsCraig Schiller • August 09 2006 07:40PM
GET THIS… real estate staging is NOT interior design!
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