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"What, How-N-Why?" This was How Our Day Flew By...

 Blogging was QUITE a popular topic yesterday at Emagine 2007 Expo... and educational event Coldwell Banker held for its agents in Chicago.

I'm happy to report back that the day FLEW BY as ActiveRain's Caleb Mardini and I answered questions about blogging in the "Blooger's Lounge" set up at the Expo. I gotta admit it was very clever and forward thinking of Coldwell Banker to devote an area to where its agents could come and inquire about blogging. The Blogger's Lounge was very, very popular. (See Photo - Left) In fact, at one point I actually thought I was going to loose my voice as we answered over and over again the same 3 questions about blogging, which were:  "What is it?" "How is it done?" and "Why do it?"

I believe that there are no such things as coincidences... when the time is right the right things will come.  And the right thing came for us. A simple and definitive example to the power of blogging came early in the morning that would be the perfect answer the "What, How -N- Why" questions we would be hit with all day long.

Early in the morning 2 agents came up to us to inquire about blogging. As one of the agents was talking, she looked at me and said... "Hey, I know you. I was on your blog this morning!" When I asked WHY she was on it, she said that she had lost her info sheet for the day's upcoming Expo. In hope of finding the address and times for the event she decided do a goggle search on the term "Emagine Expo." Where did that search taker her? RIGHT to my, my September 28th blog post "EMAGINE... Education is Part of the Silver Lining in a Slow Market " posted here on ActiveRain. My blog and that post was #3 in google search results and considering that yesterday there 143,000 possible results (Caleb and I checked) on Google for that search phrase... THAT is amazing placement! When we pointed out this to her and the many other What,Why-N-Hower's throughout the day, we could literally see people "getting" the powerful impact blogging has.

From the Blogger's Lounge experience to participating as a guest expert in 2 great panel discussions (on blogging & home staging) I have to say I really enjoyed being part of such well planned out and executed day. Anne Marie Schafer, Director of Professional Development & Education for Coldwell Banker and her team put to geather a top notch educational event. The venue was perfect, the exhibit area was great, the general assembly speaker was informative, the food was plentiful, the break-out sessions were varied and well attended. Considering the challenging market, the day could have gone quite differently,,, but the end of the day speaks volumes as to how successful the day was. for about 1,000 agents stayed on to celebrate and enjoy a wonderful cocktail party.

So thank you Coldwell Banker, for the opportunity to share my wisdom and insights on my 2 marketing passions... blogging and home staging. I was honored to be asked and proud to be part of this QUALITY educational event.

Blog On and Stage It Forward...



PS: Click here to read a "staged blog." This quirky explaination shows just how these 2 marketing tools are more similar then you might first think.




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