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Good Words for a Friday in the Rain (11)

 Buddha should have been a blogger on Active Rain. His "good words" from long ago are quite relivant to that which we write of and share in this community we call the "Rain".

Even publishing our words as "Members Only" does not release of of the responsibility of what we write and what we say.

It is fine to find and use words that convey passion, commitment, intelligence, authority, anger, sadness, dreams, doubts, upsets and ideas. But remember, the words we use and how we use them in what we write are mirrors reflecting back who we are, to those who read our words.

Reflect It Forward...



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Comment balloon 22 commentsCraig Schiller • June 15 2007 09:26AM
Good Words for a Friday in the Rain (11)
Buddha should have been a blogger on ActiveRain. His "good words" from long ago are quite relivant to that which we write of and share in this community we call the "Rain". Even publishing our words as "Members Only"… more
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