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And the FOOL in the Rain Award Goes to...

Yesterday, April Fool's day, was a special day here in the Rain. It was a day that brought out the "Fool" in many. So if you like to smile, I thought I would pull together one of those of oh-so-famous and much enjoyed REVIEW posts... but, for this review compilation I got it easy, I just had to go through one days worth of material.

Anyway, as they say, here are the nominees for the 2007 A.R.F (Active Rain Fool) Award in no particular order... (YES! This WAS a contest YOU FOOLS!!!... but only in my head)




  • Hearing the coots, the great wise Carnac (aka Linda Davis) finally appears (much like a ground hog, but ground hogs don't wear stupid looking hats) to share with us her SPRING predictions. (Warning don't be drinking hot coffee as you read this, nasal cavties can't take the heat.) Here is what the coots were screaming for There's no foolin' Carnac of Connecticut


  • Ahhhh what would foolishness be without The Lovely Wife. This, her last posting on Active Rain, can be read here: Calling All Fools...April Fools That Is...ROAR!  BB said that after posting this, some MIB came the other night and took TLW away. Oh well, she was fun while she lasted.


  • Ok this Danny Smith guy scares me! Just who the hell does he think he is coming in and screaming and threatening to take away points in LISTEN UP ALL YOU RAIN MAGGOTS. Where is TLW when you need her? OH MY GOD... it just dawned on me..  its a governmental conspiracy here in the Rain. Billy is out and Danny is in.


  • The next two posts have to share the nomination, cause they are pretty much the same prank. Maggie Dokic's Google does it again!! and Tony Marriott's Google announces free in-home wireless broadband service is to close to call. Who stole from whom? (Or is it whom stole from who?) I don't know. Anyway... You can cast your own vote by using Active Rain's flagging feature. Won't it be a hoot to choose the bogus blogging prankster and maybe get them booted from the Rain! (I already know how Danny is gonna vote for... and NO you can not have Tony's points.)


  • Ummmmm this next nominee, I am not certain if this is Sold! or if this weenie is just shoveling it. You be the judge of this beautifully articulated writing of Teresa Boardman. This woman just has the most beautiful and eloquent way with words...


  • I am happy to announce we have a whole new category this year... its the Funnest Active Video Award or better know as the FAVA. Since we only have one nominee (Lysa Napolitano's To All Active Rain Pranksters!  ) Lysa is the winner of the FAVA. YEAH LYSA, now you can do me a FAVA? To help claim your prize, just send a certified check in the amount of $500 to Craig Schiller's Fool in the Rain Award PO BOX Q Chicago Illinois 60123.


  • Don't be sucked in by Ralph Robert's happy-go-lucky drawing of himself... in reality this guy is all negativity. On the one day where FUN could reign in the rain he has to dump this load and remind us WARNING BIG BROTHER WATCHING. Speaking of Warnings... he too takes you off site. But at least you don't need a secret code and password to go where he takes you. (Did I mention how lame codes and passwords are?)


But now that I have all the wonderful nomonees posted THE WINNER of the 2007 ARF is.... MARK FLANDERS!

Mark's Important Network Changes embodies all that is good and pure and right with the RAIN. This posting was WELL crafted and thought out. It even got the Rain God's tinkling in their pants. And look at all the comments he sucked up with that puppy. ARF! ARF! Mark... but I dry dress!

There you have it... the 2007 A.R.F. Awards I hope you enjoy them for years and years to come.

ARF It Forward...


PS: Did I mention that Oprah is going to do her show live from this blog today at 3PM? HOW COOL IS THAT?

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Yesterday, April Fool's day, was a special day here in the Rain. It was a day that brought out the "Fool" in many. So if you like to smile, I thought I would pull together one of those of oh-so-famous and much enjoyed REVIEW posts… but,… more
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