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Best Blog EVER Finally Hits Its Target... of ONE

 Daily hundreds and hundreds of bloggers post here on Active Rain... all with the hopes that what we write connects to an audience. What makes blogging on AR uniquely different from other blog platforms is the fact that because it is a social network, posting here first reachs a tighter member audience made up of professional from all areas of the Real Estate industry.

Comments from our peers can give us the immediate "gratification" of knowing if what we said, what we wrote, worked or not.

Sometimes when we write something particularly well, the All Mighty & Mysterious Rain Gods will feature our posts and send it into the AR stratosphere with a little Gold Star. Then comments abound.

If you have spent anytime here on AR you most surly have read one of the most creative, prolific and interesting bloggers who has a whole galaxy of Gold Star Blogs... that blogger is Bryant Tutas. Broker Bryant has much to say, says it well and has gained the respect of many Realtors ALL over north America.

Broker Bryant and I "go way back" as we both started here on AR just about 2 years ago now. I with my "Rants & Ravings" on Home Staging and he with his "Ramblings" about Real Estate have written a lot and seen a lot happen here and in the real estate industry. Through the years I would post my blogs and Bryant would comment back and vice versa.

While I knew Bryant liked what I had to say, finding it interesting and informative, I also had a gut feeling some of my messages were not hitting DEAD ON with him. How do I know this? Well, call it intuition or call it paranoia, but somtimes I felt his comments communicated a certain degree of skepticism about this thing called "staging." I am NO stranger to this skepticism. It is a skepticism MANY Realtors have.

I have learned in life that just because you say something, or write something, does not mean the message you intended was received. As frustrating as that is, if people don't get your message then you might need to rework it until they do. The miscommunication might not not reside in their ears, but in your words.

So without his knowing, Bryant had become the litmus test for whether this particular message hit its target or not. Other stagers KNOW that when I write, about this particular topic, I write in the hopes that Broker Bryant would get the message. If he got, it I knew I would have a message I could use over and over.

Fast forward to this past Monday...

On Monday I posted, what I thought, was my best post ever! Yup EVER! I spent all day Sunday working on the graphic and then writing and rewriting what I had to say. I knew this post had a GREAT graphic, was WELL written and took the reader on the type of verbal journey I like to take them on... hitting them with the point I wanted to make right at the end. So confident in this post, I just KNEW the All Mighty & Mysterious Rain Gods would launch it for all to read (especially Bryant) with one of those coveted Gold Stars. Realtors (especially Bryant) would FINALLY "get" what I have been trying for them to "get" for 2 years now. Finally, all over north America, ever Realtor (especially Bryant) who had resisted or never considered using a home stager would be beating down the doors of their local stagers. The whole real estate market would turn around. Oil prices would drop! Peace would reign supreme... all from my post. I thought it was that good.

So I posted. Then I waited. I went back and checked. So sure of myself. "Did I get my Gold Star yet?" Hmmm.. not YET. So I waited...  I went back. ONLY to realize... NOTHING! ZILCH! ZIP! NADA! NINE! No Gold Star. "Sh_t, this one didn't do it either!"

But then something amazing happened...

There was a comment posted by an old blogging buddy. And while his March market report for Poinciana FL is not great, his comment reveled he got what I had been trying to say for so long. Better then a Gold Star... this post HAD hit my target of one.

So thank you BB, sometimes aiming for a small audience can inspire a big message.


PS: I have to extend a personal appology to Broker Bryant. Sorry about your having to take a "hit to the eye."  While I am good at PhotoShot (oops I mean "SHOP") I am not THAT good.

PSS: Here is a link to my BEST POST EVER... after this "EVER!" Read it and be transformed! (LOL) Chipping Away at the "PRICE IS KING" Myth Too Many Realtors Rely On

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