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Become a Paranoid Blogging Narcissist... in 3 EASY Steps!

One of the interesting dynamics about Active Rain is that it is a COMMUNITY of bloggers. Daily thousands of people log-on to read and learn from and of each other.

However while your blog informs, it might also inspire and/or provoke another blogger to write more. That "MORE" might be more about what your had to say in your blog, or about you personally and specifically in their own personal blog. Either way, they might make mention of or reference YOU, by name.

With so much blogging activity, how will you know if or when one of your fellow bloggers ARE saying something behind the front of your back here in the Rain?

Well it takes only 3 EASY steps to KEEP TABS ON YOURSELF in the Rain.

First...  Select "SEARCH" on the upper right hand menu bar. 

Second...Once on the SEARCH screen, select "BLOGS" from the drop down menu.


Third... Type in your name then hit "SEARCH"

Once you hit "SEARCH" If you have been mentioned in a blog, a list of all the blogs will appear.

Knowing when and what others have to say about you here in the rain will help you:

  • 1. Thank the blogger.
  • 2. Know how someone has represented (or misrepresented) you.
  • 3. If you need to, defend your point of view.
  • 4. If you want to, expand on what you had to say.

Now that you know how to find what others have to say about you, there is just one more thing you might want to consider. Since we all do not have one word names like Cher, Oprah, Sting or TLW... it would be polite to use a persons COMPLETE name (first & last name) when mentioning them in your blog.

Well that's it... now you know how afraid I am as I watch myself in the Rain.


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Become a Paranoid Blogging Narcissist… in 3 EASY Steps!
One of the interesting dynamics about ActiveRain is that it is a COMMUNITY of bloggers. Daily thousands of people log-on to read and learn from and of each other. However while your blog informs, it might also inspire and/or provoke another… more
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