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For Crying Out Loud... it's CHRISTMAS!



Well I thought this picture really captured the essence of the last few post I created. 

In light of my recent post on Tears, and then all the boo-hooing and belly aching I was doing this past week... this seemed the perfect transition into Christmas.

Oh and NO... they are NOT my children! In case you are wondering! (They actually are the children of one of my associate's friends here at Real Estaging.)

Happy Holidays to all!

Cry it forward...


PS: Check out Santa's expression!



Comment balloon 34 commentsCraig Schiller • December 22 2006 09:32AM
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Well I thought this picture really captured the essence of the last few post I created. In light of my recent post on Tears and then all the boo-hooing and belly aching I was doing this past week… this seemed the perfect transition into… more
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