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Staging that STARTS on a BANG... But ENDS with an OINK

 Without a doubt, home staging can help sell a property. Even in this slower market, with so many home sellers having postive results using the services of an expirienced home stager, it is no surprise to find that time and again the blogging stagers here on Active Rain write posts to share their stories of the many wonderful success they have created.

So as much as I don't want to or like to report this, I have to admit that not every home that is staged benefits from the staging. Sometimes staging just can't do enough to make the home sell.

Why doesn't staging sometimes help a property sell? Well, there can be any number of reason why the best of staging efforts might be negated, but 3 of the most common reasons are:

- The property was overpriced.

- The property wasn't marketed properly.

- The home's staging was not maintained.

While these are 3 of the more common reasons why the impact of staging will be reduced or totally negated, sometimes there are even odder circumstances that staging just can NOT fix.

Recently we here at Real Estaging had just such a situation. This past summer we were hired by a builder to provide a solution for a problem he hoped staging would solve.  The builder had us come in and stage a new and totally vacant property that had already been on the market for well over 1 year.  Once staged, the builder was QUITE pleased and now encouraged that the staging would finally give the property the bang it needed. Unfortunately,... the staging still was not enough to help sell this 3/4 of a million dollar property.

To read the whole story as to why this property did not sell, and to see a video that will show you exactly what now for nearly 2 years now has kept (and keeps) potential buyers from falling in love and buying a perfectly fine home, click on the image ABOVE.

Enjoy the show...



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Staging that STARTS on a BANG… But ENDS with an OINK
Without a doubt, home staging can help sell a property. Even in this slower market with so many home sellers having postive results using the services of an expirienced home stager it is no surprise to find that time and again the blogging… more
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