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Town-home sits UNSOLD for 7 months... THEN SELLS JUST 2 DAYS AFTER STAGING

Here in Chicago, the Bucktown area has risen up to be a beautiful renaissance neighborhood. Just about 10 years ago it wasn't much to look at. However due to its close proximity to to downtown, builders came in tore out or rehabbed much of the old and built new. NOW Bucktown is one of Chicago's trendiest and vibrant neighborhoods.

Because builders saw such opportunity and possibility... more and more came and built and built (and are still building actually) so the levels of inventory rose and rose and continues to rise. Unfortunately that creates a challenge. How does a seller, who originally bought new construction a few years back, differentiate their home from all the rest for sale? THAT is where this staging story starts.

At the beginning of the year one of Chicago's "hippest' and most progressive real estate companies, @Properties (even their name is cool), started a marketing campaign geared on HOME STAGING. They sent out email blasts and postcards educating the consumer on the value of Home Staging and that their agents are in step with it.

Just about this time, PJ Duffy, an agent at @Properties, who back around August 2006 had listed a wonderful contemporary town-home in Bucktown had a dilemma on his hands. The owners of his unsold listing now HAD to move on with their lives and were moving out... taking their furnishings with them. So now while it was a great property... there were MANY other properties as intersting in the neighborhood and NOW this great property was going to be vacant.  PJ saw this as an opportunity to jumpstart a stalled listing.

That is when PJ contacted Jeannie, one of our 3 sales Services Specialist here at Real Estaging. Jeannie (who also has a flair for staging) along with Norma and Kirstin, went about staging the vacant property. Kirstin, an artist, even happened to have an original painting she painted that would work with the contemporary nature of the property and the staging style we were creating. (That painting hangs on the Dining Room Wall.)

Our team finished the staging, and PJ started showing the NEWLY transformed staged property. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW IT SOLD... IN JUST 2 DAYS!  WOW... now that IS fast.

Another happy ending for ALL... seller, buyer, agent and stager.

On behalf of all of us at Real Estaging I would like to acknowledge and thank PJ Duffy and @Properties for taking a strong committed stand to Home Staging. They saw earlier on that staging SELLS homes... and it is for reasons like this that @Properties has risen out of nowhere to be one of the finest Real Estate Agencies serving in the Chicago Market.

PS: This is Part 3 of a 4 Part Series.

Comment balloon 23 commentsCraig Schiller • March 09 2007 09:22AM
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