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For a QUICK DIVE in Blog Readership... Go on Vacation!

 I have read of the frustration that new Bloggers here on Active Rain have regarding not being able to "stand out" amongst the "power house" Bloggers who always seem to get all the attention.

One thing I don't think new Bloggers see is that fact that many of the best-of-the-best Power Bloggers have worked hard to work their way up to the top of the this Blog Pile. It takes time and commitment to generate good content that readers connect with and like to read. BUT Bloggers need to also understand the brutal fact that while it takes time to get to the top, it take MUCH LESS time to take a dive and fall out of favor if you don't continue to Blog and and generate interesting content.

While we are privy to some statistical information about our Blogs here on Active Rain... it is very limited. So I thought I would share with you some information I captured using StatCounter (a fun and cheap blog widget) over on my Pretty Blog. While this is not a super analytical study... it is a bit interesting. Also, keep in mind that while I "compete" for no ones attention on my Pretty Blog, I think this simple graph is telling and parallels what can and does happen here in the Rain.

Since January 2007 my Pretty Blog has been averaging 147 visitors a day. (Which I don't think it that bad considering much of what I write there is a re-constituted version of what I write here... but that is a different story.) Anyway, last week while I was gone on vacation, I saw my numbers plummet, averaging only 108 visitors a day. That is a whopping 26.5 % drop in readers in just a 7 days time (Monday April 23 to Sunday April 29th). Sunday was the WORST day of all. On that day I only had 32 visitors, which was the lowest readership since Christmas week 2006... another time I took a break from Blogging.

Anyway, this RAPID dive on my Pretty Blog shows me I if I want my Blog to continue to work for me, I have to work to work at it ongoingly and keep it fresh. 

So the next time you are a bit frustrated with those Bloggers who stand out in the Rain... know that they have worked hard to get to where they are AND they are working hard to stay were they are. Power Bloggers are well aware of the fact that you are there ready to take their place should the take a dive.

Blog on...


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