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100,000 DING DONG's, Stage It Forward Calling... with a Member Button for YOU!

 With this post I have gone over the 100k Point. How befitting to reach this milestone with this post. While I did not time it as such, (I actually thought it would be this Friday with a Good Word Series post.) this post really does make this special for me ... because this post is about the Stage It Forward group created just last November here on Active Rain. This group, because of its many wonderful members, really has become a mini-Active Rain for the Home Staging Industry.

I LOVE the fact that being a member to both Active Rain and Stage It Forward is open to all, and because of this so many home stagers have joined and shared their experiences and wisdom. But, one of the things I am most proud of, since joining Active Rain, is the fact that Stage It Forward... is one of the most active and THRIVING sub-communities here in the Rain.

WOW do we have a lot to say and WOW do we ever say it.

Home Stagers and the Home Staging Industry is lucky that Active Rain came along when it did.

With over 600 members posting over 2400 articles in Stage It Forward... we are now a nation-wide noted resource for home staging information. This is something we all created and something we all should be proud of. Our collective voice is being heard.

A few months back we created a special "staged" doorway into the group. And while it was GREAT to have the doorway... I then realized that getting to the "door" was an issue. You all still needed a "door bell button" to show you are part of such a positive industry community.

So here you go... some of you asked for a logo, but now we have a button of a working "doorbell" you can have on your website or blogsites outside Active Rain. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML CODE that is supplied below.  (Image shown below is an actual working sample.)

Clicking on the button will take people on to the Stage It Forward Gateway site. There they will see a quick description of who we are as a group and what you are a part of and committed to.  Then on into Active Rain.

Insert this basic HTML CODE to place the membership linking button on your site:     

  • <a href=""><img border="0" src=" "/></a></div>

Or, incert this modified HTML CODE to Center the button in the area in which you place it on your site:

  • <div style=" TEXT-ALIGN: center"><a href=""><img border="0" src=" "/></a></div>

I, like my colleagues, knows that home staging works. But I also know that getting the general public and real estate community in general to "get" what we do has been a challenge at times. Our collective voice singing together helps tell our story...  that's for sure. This membership button is just another subtle "less is more" way to SHOW people we do have a collective voice as an industry.

Please know I am sometimes quiet in the Rain, but I'm working on more ways to use Stage It Forward as a group that benefits us all and helps us all move our businesses and the industry forward. More good things to come... I promise.

My best to you...



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