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What Are Your Prejudices... If All Are Created Equal?

 Because we are such a diverse country, it is likely that as professionals working in the Real Estate industry, the opportunity for us to work with clients and colleagues that are "different" from us will arise. 

At some point in our careers, we will be challenged to work with and around these differences. No matter what you think, hope or would like, our own personal prejudices at times will creep into and impact the situation. 

But just what are your personal prejudices that you need to look out for?

Well, prejudice shows up in many ways and many forms. Oh sure, there are the standard HOT BUTTON prejudices like race, culture, faith and politics, but did you know  there are other areas of prejudices you may not have thought of? 

I first learned of these "other" prejudices while reading Malcolm Gladwell's book entitled "Blink". In the book Malcom writes of a test that can measure one's prejudice in a variety of areas. The test, developed by a group of Harvard Professors, is know as an Implicit Association Test. What makes this test so unique is that it is proven that you can NOT cheat or skew the results. Your prejudices are your prejudices and will tell you to what degree you have them. Actually, it is not just one test, it is a series of smaller tests that cover a variety of areas where prejudices occur including: Disablity, Age, Skin Tone, Presidents, Weight, Religion, Race Sexuality and a few others.

I took the tests. But I gotta admit I was quite confronted before I did. You see, I hold as a personal core values both tolerance and acceptance of others. I have to admit I was surprised and shocked at my results. I found I WAS prejudiced in some areas I never even consider I was.

This week, on the 4ht of July, we will be celebrating our Freedoms and Independence. In the Declaration of Independence, the document that helped "birth" our nation, it professes in the very first sentence the we as a nation believe that  "All men are created equal". But do we? Do you? I don't know how to measure the "we", but I do know of a way for you to learn of your own prejudices. You can take what has now been dubbed the "Prejudice Test". And while the results for your test may also be a bit confronting to you, the knowledge will be also "power" for you. I believe that in order to grow to be who you want to be, you must know who you are now.

Finally I want to thank Nattalie Cornwall for her inspirational post entitled: " How does your ethnicity affect your real estate business?". Natallie's very popular post, if you have not read it, asks a very important question.

Happy 4th to all...


Comment balloon 38 commentsCraig Schiller • July 02 2007 08:10PM
What Are Your Prejudices… If All Are Created Equal?
Because we are such a diverse country, it is likely that as professionals working in the Real Estate industry the opportunity for us to work with clients and colleagues that are "different" from us will arise. At some point in our… more