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Inconvenient Truths about Home Staging

 Last Friday, I happened to be contacted by the Chicago Tribune to discuss something that coincidentally had been on my mind for quite a few days.

For days now I could not stop thinking about the recent report published by the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents (NAEBA) entitled: "How to not get tricked by staging and potentially save $5,645 when you buy your home." But now it seemed that what had been on my mind had also attracted the attention of main stream media.

I had come to the conclusion that while I had thought some of the NAEBA report on staging was positive and accurate, most of it was a negative spin about staging and a sensationalized attempt to champion their position. In the report, the NAEBA warned buyers that "staging effects can make a home seem more appealing to the eye." How scandalous!

But upon further reflection I thought that while the NAEBA report was inaccurate, it does not take the Home Staging industry off the hook for some of the bad publicity.  I think there is a another rapidly growing problem in our industry... and this is what I also shared with the Tribune reporter.

I talked of how market conditions will bring out people (be they honest or dishonest) who are attracted to making money as home stagers. I voiced my concerns that today foundation training programs in home staging have sprung up that will "certify," "accredit" and graduate home staging "professionals" and "experts" in as little as ONE DAY.

In fact, just last week I learned of a foundation training program that advertises that for only $249.95, a person interested in becoming a home stager need only buy a training CD that was designed to get budding stagers started in their own business. Two of the benifits they see is that their program has low start up costs and low overhead. No previous experience is required. They even include their Certificate of Achievement at no extra costs right with the CD to prove that you were professionally trained. WOW, how generous to send a Certificate of Achievement right with it!

I went on to say that I believe that the HOME STAGING INDUSTRY had created the Frankenstein of "overnight & certifications in a box" we are seeing in foundation training programs

And ultimately I wanted the Tribune to know that not all home stagers know the home should always be the star... not the stuff in it. NOT understanding and practicing this WILL and does result in BAD home staging... and there are more and more stagers that DON'T get this... which only gives power to the nay-sayers who want to find ways to negate what is made available when staging is done right.

Now that the interview is done, I know the home staging industry is now being watched and scrutinized. Nothing less than the finest understanding of staging and implementation of it will help us all grow, anything else will not only degrade the industry, but also what staging makes available to the home seller.

Since I try to keep my Active Rain posts short and sweet... this is all I am going to write of here. If however you are intrested an MORE INFORMATION,  my lengthy and detailed discussion of these inconvenient truths can be found on my most recent post on my "pretty blog". Click Here to link to the story.

And even if you may not agree what I say, I still welcome your insight.

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NOTE: At the request of the company that I originally referenced in this blog, I have removed their name and the link to their site. However my FINAL word on the subject can be found here.

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