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First Impression-ist Masterpieces Now Hang in the Active Rain Gallery

Last week something new began to be seen in the great hallowed halls of Active Rain. Beautiful blog masterpieces started to appear. Active Rain gave to us all another great new improvement to help us all better differentiate and further brand ourselves through our blogs. We now all have the access to a FREE tool, the ActiveRain Customizer, that allows us to easily create a visual masterpiece of our own blogs. 

I have scoured Active Rain's walls to find 15 fine examples of blogs that have a new and improved branded" look. I encourage you to click and open the examples below, to see in detail what others have already done. You will notice that some blogs have a look that is simpler, for they have been designed by "beginners," while others look more complex, because they have been created by seasoned designers. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED!!! It is quick, easy and fun to create a great first impression blog.     If you need some basic instruction to get you started?  Here are links to four blogs that will guide you along...

Again, this is just a small sample of all the creativty taking place, if you have created your own masterpiece... please post a link to it in a comment below. I am sure others will love to see all the fresh new looks being shown in the Rain.

Finally, I have to say that these visual changes all call to mind the stager's mantra... "First impressions matter!" Funny thing is that what my fellow stagers and I have been saying now doesn't only apply to how a property looks when it is selling in the marketplace. First impressions now also matter when you are presenting/selling yourself in your blog

So go and tap into your inner Monet... and enjoy yourself as you create a Impressionistic Blog Masterpiece.



Comment balloon 58 commentsCraig Schiller • April 14 2008 11:05AM
First Impression-ist Masterpieces Now Hang in the ActiveRain Gallery
Last week something new began to be seen in the great hallowed halls of ActiveRain. Beautiful blog masterpieces started to appear. ActiveRain gave to us all another great new improvement to help us all better differentiate and further brand… more
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