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BUDDING STAGERS... here are 7 tips to OPEN DOORS to business.

 One of the delights of being on Active Rain is receiving emails like this...

"Hi craig, Im in the process of getting my staging business off the ground but so far no one seems interested! I live in a area that staging is very new. My business is the first of its kind within 100 miles! How do I convince homeowners about staging?

                   Help in Southern Indiana!"


So here is SOME of MY ADVICE that might help new stagers get going.

  1. To get to the seller... look to the realtor. Make connections with a realtor first. THEY are your initial gateways.
  2. Study study study about ... websites, books and classes (either on line or in person) are filled with tips, techniques, info, messaging and facts about staging. YOU HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT... not a wish washy kinda sorta person that THINKS they would be a good stager if they had a good "opportunity".  You gotta MAKE the opportunity.
  3. THEN Consider your audience and craft YOUR marketing message accordingly. What you say to a realtor is WAY different then what you say to the seller. BUT the message STARTS with the knowledge you have gained.
  4. Find a realtor you like, respect and trust. THEN offer your services for free, for the first 1or 2 jobs. Consider YOUR payment to be the real-time experience you get AND the pictures of your transformation. Tell the realtor to tell the seller that THEY will pay your fee. THAT way the realtor looks like a "winner" in the eyes of their client. This is NOT a lie, they are "paying"... as they brought you in and are paying you with their reputation being at stake.
  5. When you stage it.... go above and beyond expectations of both the realtor AND the seller. Get them buzzing about you.
  6. Fake it till you make it. Be professional and ALWAYS remember you are in the business of FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Everything you do, say and show must PROJECT that you have a command of that concept.
  7. Observe and adapt what you say and what you do. Then move to the next and the next and the next.

It really is as EASY as this… and as HARD as this.


Comment balloon 7 commentsCraig Schiller • September 28 2006 07:09PM


AMEN Brother!!!  :)
Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 14 years ago

Great tips Craig...

Being new and breaking into any business can be a challenge, You have got to make those early opportunities, and you have got to make them count

Posted by Angus in Naperville IL (RE/MAX of Naperville) about 14 years ago


I want you to expand into the Metro Detroit market.  WE NEED YOU.  You're so good.  I have many homes that need your help.  How can we make this happen?? ;)

Posted by Sara Lipnitz (Max Broock Realtors) about 14 years ago
I am somewhat new to Active Rain - I signed on about a month ago but am finally just getting around to navigating the site.  I am a colleague of Phyllis Pafumi of Restyled To Sell in NJ.  She raved about you and your site and I just had to see for myself...she was right!  You're fabulous - but you are also most generous with sharing all that you know or have learned about the staging business.  I acknowledge you for that!  I read all of your blogs,and although you shared the steps to selling yourself as a new business, I would like to know how do you sell the concept of Staging to realtors?  What is the magic formula that will enable them to see that there really is something in it for them?  I have been to Open Houses where I introduced myself and left information and have followed up with e-mail campaigns and mailings that cover different aspects of staging.  Not a bite - not even a nibble!  Do you have any advice?
Posted by Val Allocco, HSE; ASHSR - Home Stager, for Manhattan, Brooklyn & Long Island (Staged 2 Sell New York & Long Island) about 14 years ago
well said!
Posted by Cindy Lin, Host, The Home Staging Show podcast (Staged4more School of Home Staging) about 14 years ago

Fantastic advice, as usual!

Mary Seferian

Posted by Mary Seferian (DIVA DECOR DESIGN) almost 14 years ago
I have been going at it for over a year but slowly and have been mostly trying to connect to the realtors.  Your advice is right on but you have to be persistent, as not all of them are receptive YET!!! 
Posted by Sveta Melchuk almost 14 years ago