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What Every Realtor Should Know About Home Staging

 Because real estate staging is still relatively new in the Midwest we still get a lot of questions from Realtors about our services. 

Many Realtors say they  already "do their own staging"... which I think is great.  But in this world were time is money, my question back to Realtors often is: "Is staging the BEST use of your time?"  Is chasing a dust bunny, scheleping a coffee table, or arraging nic-nacs really what you want to do? Just something to think about...

Anyway to help Realtors understand and work with our staff better, we actually have a brochure directed right to the Realtor so that they can WORK IT RIGHT.

Staging has become a leading-edge marketing tool for real estate professionals to present sellers for their consideration. Knowledgeable, resourceful, and savvy Realtors are suggesting real estate staging to home sellers to more effectively market and sell their homes.

It is important that the Realtor keeps in mind that real estate staging is NOT just renting furniture… it is much more.  And the stager’s fee is typically the seller’s expense, not the Realtors!   

When should a seller stage? To get the most out of staging, its best to stage a property BEFORE it is listed.  In the right market, staging can move the listing price to the top end of the property’s possible price range. But if the property is already listed, INSTEAD of a price reduction, consider staging.  Real Estaging can be less costly and have more of an impact.

We have also found that Realtors are at times reluctant to suggest staging out of the fear that they think the seller will feel that the Realtor is adding ANOTHER FEE on top of what they are already paying. To lessen the fear, let us discuss our services and fees directly with the home seller.  This keeps the home seller from feeling as if additional fees are being tacked on by you... but still makes YOU, the Realtor, look cutting edge.

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Comment balloon 15 commentsCraig Schiller • July 22 2006 04:28PM


Staging has recently become a hot topic amongst one of the groups I belong too.  There is even a new course one can take.  I have long left it to the professional designers to help me with this, especially in the high end market. We hire one of our local well recognized designers to stage the home.  She usually charges 1-1.5 percent of the salesprice and is paid at closing.  She provides the furniture if needed and is an absolute blessing for our business.  Also as a closing gift you could give a $$$ gift certificate for 3-4 hours of her time this along with a handy man certificate for an hour or so is a real winner.
Posted by Teri Isner, GRI, CRS, CIPS (Keller Williams Realty at the Lakes) over 14 years ago
I have sent you an e-mail, look forward to hearing from you.
Posted by Ken Smith (Suburban House Hunters) over 14 years ago
Craig, I clicked on the option of the posts with the most clicks and it is this one right here from almost a year ago. What blows my mind is there are only 2 comments so here is a 3rd of many more to come because your post still holds true.
Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) over 13 years ago

I think the word staging is misused here in the Midwest.  Most of our Realtors here know staging to mean packing, rearranging and tidying up.  A true Stager redecorates, redesigns and recreates the entire home!  Before I belonged to this blog Craig I had no idea that you rented furniture, hired carpet cleaners, purchased curtains, etc!  That's an interior decorator!  We even have someone that teaches a staging class..but it's all the trivial I said..packing, moving things, tidying up.  I think our agents here need more education as to what you wonderful Stagers really do!

Posted by Vicki Watzlawick, Illinois Foreclosure Expert, The Watz Team (CORE Realty (The Watz Team) ) over 13 years ago

Hi Craig,

I couldn't agree more! I don't think reators know the entire scope of what stages do and the many benifits they can offer realtors and seller alike, education is the key!! Good post thank!

Posted by Penny Schoenbeck, AZ Home Styling (AZ Home Styling & Redesign) over 13 years ago


What a great post! Thank you for speaking for us stagers! Your insight and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Anthea Click, Nashville Home Stager - Selling Nashville, TN homes quickly! (Fresh Perspectives - over 13 years ago

It takes a village to educate the public about staging...every stager here plays a key role in furthering that message exponentially.  Thanks for articulating it so well!

Susan Smith
Rooms That Work
Your home, only better.

Posted by Susan Smith (Rooms That Work LLC) over 13 years ago

I think it's important to note too that I have Realtor clients who have fired their previous stager and come to me because the prevous Home Stager brought home comps to the consultation and discussed how the home should be priced. My experience is that Realtors want us to support their business not "get in" their business.

Stayci Fast

New England Home Staging(TM)

Posted by Stayci Fast, MIRM (New England Home Staging®) over 13 years ago


If we could teach agents how important this is in our selling a hope. Much less getting our "Sellers" to grasp this.

Great points for all agents to ponder.  EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Cammy Beaullieu (Van Eaton & Romero) over 13 years ago

Over 10,000 clicks and only 9 comments.  Hmmmm....

I don't think there is any doubt that staging is a wonderful option, but the key word here is "option" - In a market where sellers are letting their homes go for less than they paid, cutting agent's fees, bringing money to the settlement table... it's a little hard to make a case for paying a professional stager.  Stagers need to refrain from implying that agents who don't use their services are somehow inferior.    

Back to the 10,000 clicks and only 9 comments:  Maybe agents don't comment on blogs that seem to lecture us.   I think the clicks on this title say that agents are interested in this topic, and that you might get lots of comments if you rethink the best way to present your information.  Check out this one:  Top 5 Ways Stagers Can Help a Realtor's business

Posted by Margaret Woda, Maryland Real Estate & Military Relocation (Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.) over 13 years ago


THANKS for noting the tone... VERY keen observation.

This post was my VERY FIRST post ever. AND it was posted over a year ago in JULY of 2006!!!

YES.. my voice has grown. In fact I think I have ESTABLISHED a unique "voice" now.  Read some of my more current stuff if you like.

The copy for much of this post was taken from a brochure I had written. WHICH has a more formal infromative nature. Since then I have learned to approach blogging from a more PERSONAL style

Also while it has a lot of VIEWS... they are WAAAAAAAAAY different than CLICKS. Here are my numbers of Clicks (10,538) and Views (452) as of this comment.

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Posted by Craig Schiller over 13 years ago

Craig wrote in this blog "Staging has become a leading-edge marketing tool for real estate professionals to present sellers for their consideration.Knowledgeable, resourceful, and savvy realtors are suggesting real estate staging to home sellers to more effectively market and sell their homes."  I agree!

As a Stager, my goal is to educate the consumer and educate the real estate professional that staging is an effective tool to use in the process of marketing the home. I don't thinkRealtors who don't use a stager are inferior. I am befuddled that there are Realtors who don't even bother suggesting the use of a stager. I am amazed that the common sense factor of staging is often overlooked by some realtors.

I do understand Margaret's point of "In a market where sellers are letting their homes go for less than they paid, cutting agent's fees, bringing money to the settlement table... it's a little hard to make a case for paying a professional stager."

I live in Michigan and we are almost at a point of having a giant 'Buy One Get One Free'sale on homes here. But when I look at pictures of homes on the internet and tour open houses and the homes are packed and cluttered and smelly and dirty and the toilet seats are left up and the beds are crumply and the dog is smiling in the picture as he sits on the sofa - sorry, I lost myself for a moment. But when I see those pictures, I get frustrated! Why would anyone buy that? How can they justify the price they are asking when the home looks like that? Staging can help homes in a down market by being the one house on the block that stands out among all the others. By being the one house among a sea of others that actually gets sold. The last house I staged sold in 2 days - in Michigan!

Why wouldn't the Realtor or the homeowner want to give their home the competitive edge? Why wouldn't they at least suggest staging to their seller?

Posted by Cari Pilon, RE:STYLE Home Staging (RE:STYLE Home Staging) over 13 years ago

Craig, I was just viewing the most viewed posts of the Realtor Group and happened upon yours.  I agree with you that Home Staging is definitely on the upswing and should be left to the professionals.  If a Realtor chooses to also be a Stager, so be it, but they'd better get some training and plan for the added work load.

Posted by Mike Miller (EXIT REALTY SERVICES) over 12 years ago

Craig, I did not take your post as in any way suggesting that realtors that do not use stagers are inferior.  I agree with Cari's comment above, that our goal, is to keep educating as to the benefits.  Many realtors I know do not know how or fear bringing the subject of home staging with their client.  I have explained to my realtor partners to offer home staging as an option and let me meet with the client.  Option.. is the key.

Posted by Terri Lucas, Exclusive Home Staging Los Angeles (Exclusive Home Staging ) over 12 years ago

Great post as usual, great way to get your point across.


Posted by Shobha Vyavahare (stagewithme, Greenville, South Carolina) over 12 years ago