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DO YOUR HOMEWORK... before you sign up for training.


Home staging is beginning to blossom as interest and awareness grows and more and more people positively experience the rewards of that home staging brings to both the home seller and realtor.

And... with so much positive possibility and "buzz" about what we do... more and more people are trusting in home staging as a career and are researching home staging training resources for professional education. Many are discovering

With all this swirling around my head... I thought I could take a positive step to help those interested in home staging.

So this weekend I happened to be working on updating my 'pretty blog" and decide to create one listing of all the entities that offer sort home staging educational training courses in North America. WOW was I surprised. I counted 22 larger companies and countless small independent stagers that offer classes in staging training.

So if you are going to receive any formal training in home staging... let me give you a tip. OPEN YOUR EYES and LOOK at the companies. Their websites are windows into their ability and professionalism.

To make it easier (this is in now way an endorsement of ANY one... although I do have a few favorites), here are links to the 22 larger entities that offer some sort of training for home staging.)

Click EACH and start seeing for yourself...

(POST SCRIPT: SINCE writing this posting I have found and continue to learn of MANY other resources that offer foundation training in home staging... for the MOST COMPREHENSIVE LIST go to my "Pretty" Blog where they are ALL GROUPED for easy access and review.)

Its really quite simple... when researching these companies and their informational web sites keep in mind that the career you are undertaking is Home Staging which, is the business of creating AMAZING first impressions. So if a company is going to TEACH it... they should BE it. EVERY element of their site should be clean, clear and beautifully display & convey just what they are about.

The industry has trained and produced a number of people who now have gone out applying and perfect their skills and are now offering their own courses. Remember, while the "biggest" may not be the best... the small "mom and pop" shop may not offer the most comprehensive training either.

If you know me you will know that I believe there are NO coincidences in the world. As I was researching and composing this post for, 2 other separate and unrelated post appeared here in the Rain that shed new light on the subject of home staging training.

The first was a comment by (literally) "the staging diva" Debra Gould on one of my blogs that to this day gets quite a bit of traffic... ASP? HSE? What's-a-stager-SUPPOSED-to-be? Debra who teaches training offers her wise insight to anyone considering training. I encourage you to check out what she said by clicking the previous link.

The second was a revealing blog about training posted here by a Shell Brodnax. Shell worked for 4 years with one of the largest professional staging training organization in the country that boast they "certify/accredit" people who take their course. While people enjoyed the initial training experience... they soon became disillusioned having to deal with what was NOT trained or covered in the EXPENSIVE course they took. Her lists of 35 questions she had to dance around, when asked by graduates after training speaks to the complexity of what it REALLY takes to stage a home and what NEEDS to be taught by organizations claiming to offer professional staging training.

Bottom Line, Home Staging is NOT just fluffing a nick nack, it is a BUSINESS.

So I guess it comes down to... let the buyer beware.

Stage it forward...


Post Script #1: I happen to know that this is one of my most visited posts... if you are looking into a career and trainging in home staging I STRONLY encourage you to read this: Home Staging 101: Day in the life of a stager- this ain't for the faint of heart! This post by Kate Hart is a bit tongue-in-cheek... but it REALLY is what this "glamorous" industry is all about.

Post Script #2: If there are any training resources that should be included in the list here... please let me know.

POST SCRIPT #3: SINCE writing this posting I have found and continue to learn of MANY other resources that offer foundation training in home staging... for the MOST COMPREHENSIVE LIST go to my "Pretty" Blog where they are ALL GROUPED for easy access and review.

Comment balloon 48 commentsCraig Schiller • January 08 2007 10:00AM


Craig---This is an excellent, well-written and much needed post.  As you know, this is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart.  I especially like your line "if a company is going to teach it, they should be it".  I know firsthand that atleast one of those companies on your list is run by someone who has never made a living actually staging homes for sale.  In her own biography on the site, she lists many accomplishments and occupations she has held over the years---being a home stager is not one of them.  That would mean that she doesn't have experience marketing her business to homeowners and realtors so how could she train new stagers to do what she has never personally done herself?  Also, since she has absolutely no before and after staging pictures on the website that were taken by her, I have to wonder where she gets the before and after photos that are used in the power point presentation she sells to students to use for realtor presentations.  When I first discovered that website, I e-mailed the owner to voice these concerns.  I did get a response from her but no direct answers to any of my questions.

Here are some suggestions for researching home staging training:

  • Look for evidence that the trainer has actually had experience working as a home stager.
  • If they offer stock photos but show no before and after staging pics on the website, ask where the stock photos came from.
  • Check to see if the training program has a directory of people who have taken the course.  If the directory has a lot of names but no websites or way to contact those people, that should be an indicator that many of them are not actively running successful staging businesses today.


Posted by Judy Kincaid almost 14 years ago

Craig, a great post. I know very little about your industry but prowling around your articles has made me more aware what a growing industry it is. Nice job on the article. I'm sure this will help answer the question of "where to start".

Do yoe ever see your self venturing into the educational side of Staging? You'd be great at it and your students would have a blast!

PS - I like the old picture better.

Posted by Mark Flanders (Consulting) almost 14 years ago
Thank-you Craig for posting the links to the different training programs. We've all heard the saying "those that can't do... teach" and this is clearly evident in some of those staging training sites. When I took my training, I went with an organization that not only taught staging techniques, but taught a great deal on business start up, the real estate industry, and marketing. I was also impressed by the fact that we actually went out and staged a house on our last day.  It is also important to consider the degree of support that is offered once the training concludes, and if you able to take the training again at any time for no additional cost.
Posted by Jackson West (Reveal Estate Home Staging - Vancouver) almost 14 years ago

Judy & Jackson: ( "Judy & Jackson" Sounds like a GREAT company)

Anayway, Yup I agree with you both. One of the cool things about our Group (Stage it forward... ) is that people will see post like this and read the comments and they will more easily be able to research and make choices.


Mark: Right now I am working on understading the businenss side of Stage (not the fluffing of nick-nacks). When I have learned enough and share enough for free... then I might consider being consultant. I just am not goign to bamboozle anyone right now... believe me there is enough of that going on already.

As for my pix... I reveal the new me when I get skinny.


Jackson:  PS: I owe you a replay to your email...

Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

From James Frazier, MA, CAC, CADC, CHBP, CIBP, NFE

These are all the spaghetti that I am rightfully allowed to use based on my certifications and trainings. OK, the NFE part is a joke- stands for No Freaking Education... just kidding. Actually the only one of these that I  use is my MA. I worked very, very hard for that and it comes from a real "accredited" University. I spent two years and about $60,000 to get that one.

I agree with you Craig one needs to be aware when selecting training. I personally made a decision to go with the training that I did (and you can easily figure that one out by going to my website- I highly recommend them although I will refrain from directly mentioning them in this spot as I do not want this to be perceived as an advertisement) because I was impressed with the business tools they were offering me. They made no elaborate claims about training one to be a home stager but what they did promise, they delivered in spades. I have used them as my base and I have purchased components from several other companies including one from one of our own Stage It Forward Stars ( I won't say who she is but she lives in California, looks great in hats, and claims to be a grandmother although that one is hard to believe). I have amassed a large collection of how to stage books, DVDs and CDs as well as reading as much as I could find on the subject. I even watch the HGTV shows! Additionally, I consider myself just a beginner and as such try to have "beginner's mind." I point this out because this claim might be difficult to defend from looking at my postings. I think I can learn from all of these companies and from all the great information on this blog but I am not sure that taking any one training program would fully prepare one for this business. It is much more complicated and full of hard work than one might think. One needs to be part interior decorator, accountant, web site developer, real estate marketer, and full time salesperson. Schlepping is also a big skill in this profession and one not mentioned nearly enough.

Anyway, I think that Active Rain has been one of the very best things that I have discovered since starting this journey and you are one of the best parts of that. You have been generous with your experience and I so appreciate you warmly welcoming me to the community as well as the time you have spent with me privately. Your concern for anyone considering this business is but a reflection of your wider caring and concern for the business as a whole. It is no wonder that you are at the top of this game. I thank you for all you have done to help me and for your concern for the profession as a whole.

Posted by James Frazier (James Frazier Personal Development Coach) almost 14 years ago

Thank you Craig for harnessing the wild pony. Home staging is a DREAM business for the person who loves people and decorating. It is an opportunity for anyone who wants to own their own business and be their own boss. It is a great starting point into a creative world that can take them as far as they want to go. But learning how to apply a band aid to a wound does not make you a nurse. The statistics that are needed to prove the success of home staging need to come from the home stagers themselves to really be of any value. My advice would be to get as busy as they can staging, regardless of the fees, and get their success stories out there themselves.

Stage It Forward! 

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 14 years ago

James: THIS is EXACTLY why I posted this. For insight like yours and all the others who have commented. The comments are GOLD for a person considering staging as a career.

Sheron: As you know it is NOT an easy pony to ride... going to training is like buying a saddle. But if you like horse... then breaking in the wild pony is part of the fun.

Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

Freakin' amazing post!!!  It is the very first one I have ranked and I gave it a FIVE!!

I did however LOVE the ASP class I took from an agent's perspective.  Best thing I've done for myself in 16 years.  So for those of us who arent' full blooded stagers but do need to "fluff up a nick nack now and then, I highly recommend the ASP course.  Cheap for Realtors (or agents/nonRealtors) and well worth it.  I also bought some great stuff that I use all the time while taking the class, like those furniture moving gizmos.

Posted by ARDELL DellaLoggia (Better Properties Seattle ) almost 14 years ago
Oh, and the Numero Uno thing I learned was to TOUCH THEIR STUFF!  It gave me the courage (not that I'm a wallflower type) to say "Down with the Staring Cherubs!  Down with the Roosters!"  I think I'll write a post on that today and how it helps me at listing appointments.
Posted by ARDELL DellaLoggia (Better Properties Seattle ) almost 14 years ago

Ardell: You make a VERY good point (NO not that this is an amazing post... but thank you.) While I was priemalrily writing for people that wanted to become stagers you make a good point.  regarding classes for Agents. Some of the classes that are offered by some of the smaller LOCAL training companies would be a perfect source for learning some tips and suggestions with out investing a ton of money.

Oh as  a rule of thumb I say remove the anything with EYES! (Cherubs, roosters, teddy bears, hummels etc...)

Thanks for give this discussion a different spin.


Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

Craig - Think this is a fantastic post.  I get a lot of calls from people that want to become a stager, they are asking for advice on which company to go through.  I am going to refer them to your post. 

I went through the same training program as James.  If anyone wants to know the name you can easily find out on my website also.  I LOVE this program - it was the best $ I've spent.  Some of the staging training programs focus on how to decorate / stage a home.  The training I went through is a complete business model.  It is more like a franchise.  Everything you need to know to start a business is included and the customer service and follow up are top notch.  I still call the owner with questions and success stories - she is always available and encouraging.

My advice to people considering one program over another is to look at the directories and call several stagers that have gone through the program.  You may want to contact people that are not in your immediate area.  I have been contacted several times by people and I'm always willing to give advice whenever I can. 

Thanks for the great post!

Posted by Maureen Maureen almost 14 years ago

Maureen:  Your "advice" that a person intersted call and TALK to a stager is a good idea.

I might add that they should call a graduate that is outside of their market... so that they are NOT talking to  a stager they might end up being in direct competion with.

Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

Wow!  Thank you James and Maureen.  Research is key when it comes to where to spend your training dollars.  Craig, thanks for doing the research for the AR members in terms of listing the available companies.  You're right on when you mention the importance of the look and feel of the training website ESPECIALLY since we are in an "image" industry.  Quality up front means quality in product.

Another important factor to consider (that has not been mentioned) is, "how is the training company going to represent you and bring business your way".  The training provider you choose should have a Directory for you to be listed on that is heavily marketed and easy to find on their site.  The Directory can and should be an important source of leads for the Home Stagers.  When you speak with graduates (which is critical), you will want to ask about this as well.

Warm Regards,

Audra Slinkey

Posted by Audra Slinkey almost 14 years ago

Hi AUDRA! Long time no PLAY IN THE RAIN! Good to see you back!

Thanks for sharing yet more wisdom. As you know there are so many out there "teaching" and all coming from a differnet angles. Which can be VERY confusing.  

My hopes was that this posting will be a create a nice resource starting point for people looking into training. Having good good directive dialogue should be of GREAT benifit to those who are looking to become stagers.

Stage it forward...


Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

James - thank you for the plug! And I want to mention here that I do have 3 products for home staging designed for  real estate agents and do-it-yourself home sellers in a very simple but detailed tutorial available without having to take classes.

  • Residential Resale Staging Evaluation Checklist forms - Everything you need for a 5 bedroom house
  • Do-it-yourself Home Staging Instructions - a step by step tutorial with photo's and lists.
  • How to Stage/Sell your Vacant House - a creative approach to a predictable outcome.

So if you don't need to learn how to start up a business or how to market your business...these 3 pdf downloads are all you would need. (I'm shameless)

Stage It Forward! 


Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 14 years ago

Craig - what an incredibly informative post! Do you think there's a market out there for a professional stooger?





Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

Oh... a wise guy huh?

Rich, Don't toy with me or I may have me get my well trained minions (aka: the Reala sleeper cell) after you.

Take note of the RED DOT symbol of quality and allegiance.


Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago
This was a great post. I am glad I found it. This was very informative. I was thinking about taking some classes. I will definitely make sure to see who will be teaching me. 
Posted by Christy Powers, Pooler, Savannah Real Estate Agent (Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners) almost 14 years ago

Christy... As it has helped you, I hope as time goes on people will discover this post and they can use as a refernce list.

Thank you for stopping my puddle.


Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago
Craig, all of the information and links you've provided here are so helpful to anyone looking into staging.  You and James make excellent points that Staging is SO much more than just making things pretty and to do it right is not for the faint of heart!
Posted by Gina Dougherty, Home Staging Redondo Beach, CA- (Fusion Design Consulting) almost 14 years ago
"Home Staging which, is the business of creating AMAZING first impressions. So if a company is going to TEACH it... they should BE it." Right on, brother.
Posted by Jeff Turner (RealSatisfied) almost 14 years ago

Gina: THANKS for the kind words. Active Rain and the Stage It Forward... group are literally TREASURE CHESTS of information. For: people looking to be a stager, stagers looking to grow their existing business, and consumers looking for more information on just what staging is and who does it well. ONE STOP SHOPPING!

Jeff: Yup seems sooooooooo simple... but as you "click and look" you SEE the difference QUICKLY!

Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

It is also important to evaluate what exactly your will learn. Some companies will teach you one or a combination of:

  • the basics of staging
  • running a home staging business
  • marketing your business
Be sure to look at each program outline and find one that suits your needs and level of experience.
Posted by Lucie Quigley (HOLT modern Home Staging) almost 14 years ago

Hello from B.C.

I took my training from Christine Rae of Canadian Staging Professionals(TM) and found it invaluable. She taught it as a business. After the initial training you can attend any of her other classes for free in Canada, she answers all your email and phone calls. You have additional training in Marketing for just the phone call and marketing tools, etc and etc. Plus a website and continuing education. She held her first courses in September of 2005 and held the first convention in September 2006. She is working toward staging standards for pricing and education. I took my course in June of 2006 and did an update in October 2006.

I have been a builder, a renovator, a teacher of renovation at college, a columnist on Interior and Landscape design and a photographer. I found her training to be invaluable.
Go to and see what you think.

Staging is an uphill battle in B.C. But I think it is just like the House Inspector 5 years ago. Now rarely is a house sold without a house inspection . That's what I want for Home Staging.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Marilynn Currie

PS: June to October I staged 8 houses and gave quotes on 3 more and rented a storage for my furniture and accessories. November and December have been a washout. I have 2 promised for January and one for February and January 15 usually is the start of the Spring season here . So any good marketing advice would sure be appreciated.


Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago
2 years ago, I never even had heard of stagers in this area.  Now, they are cropping up like real estate agents.  I would imagine at some time, if not already, you are going to face the same frustrations as many of us in the realtor community.  Your professionalism shows in your blogs - I'm sure the competition doesn't have a chance. 
Posted by Linda Davis (RE/MAX Home Team) almost 14 years ago


I suspect you are right about a stager on every corner...but what I believe is once a stager, other doors will open to move on into decorating careers.  

Stage It Forward! 

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 14 years ago

Oh Linda... Schools and stagers are cropping up like weeds. It is great that a new career opportuinty is evolving. BUT just because someone has been "educated" does not mean they are auto-MAGICALLY good.

Thats why I RANT and RAVE as I do.

Sheron, I went to design school with people who were very creative... yet not good designers/decorators. I have also hired people (as stagers) that have a good eye but do not have the creative sensibilites that designers do.  Finally, I have designers on staff ( I own a Interior Design Company too which I do do not blog about  CRAIG INTERIOR DESIGN) that can not stage.

So while the opportuinty you speak of is REAL... the transition from one to the other is not going to happen for everyone.

Stage it forward...


Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

Craig, I know of which you speak. I hired a gal once right out of college with her degree and all. She spent most of her time in the bathroom putting on layers of mascara. When I did send her out to find research coordinating tiles for a project, she returned 6, that is SIX hours later with the same exact tile she left with. As Donald Trump would say...

Stage It Forward! 

Posted by Sheron Cardin, ARTIST - A Home Stager/Sellers Best Friend! (California Moods Inc) almost 14 years ago

Thanks Craig for putting together this awesome list and I love the comments people have added. It was also a pleasure to see that some of them came from Staging Diva Graduates. I'm really proud of their accomplishments, starting a business and putting yourself out there is never easy!

I clicked thru on all the links on your post and I was amazed at how many programs have sprung up in the last year alone. It was also astonishing to me how many of the better designed sites were filled with stock images. They're not hard to spot, they look like they came from magazines because they're shot by professionals working with a team of photo stylists. I once did a photo spread for Woman's Day Magazine of my own house and we took two whole days to shoot only 5 rooms (and it wasn't because I have large rooms!).

In the same way that I object to training program giving their graduates porfolio photos to present as their own work, I object to the use of stock images on home staging websites. If you're selling your ability to stage rooms (or teach others to do it), and you're showing room shots, the implication is that it's your own staging work.

All the photos on (my home staging company's site) are of houses that I've personally staged. They are my own photos just as all the copy is my own writing.  All the photos on (my staging training company's site) are of houses that I've personally staged, except for the various portfolio pages that make up the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers. I do not allow any stock photos on my Graduates Directory pages for the reasons stated above. Anything in their portfolio must be their own work.

In addition to suggesting that aspiring stagers "open their eyes and look at the company's websites and professionalism", I would add that they should pick up the phone and call these companies. Ask to speak to the trainer directly so you can get a better sense of who they are and what their approach is.

  • Do they answer your questions and concerns with professionalism?
  • Do they sound like they know what they're talking about?
  • How long have they been staging houses and for how long before training others?

When people call me, they get me on the phone. It's amazing to see how many callers are shocked by that. I'm not always at my desk since I do continue to stage houses (one of the reasons I don't travel all over the country teaching!), but if you leave a message, I will call you back, usually within 24 hours.

I offered a free Preview Session last week by phone. There were about 80 people on the line and I took questions from the audience for about 90 minutes about what it's like being in the home staging business, ideas for marketing, how I got started in the business and more. You can listen to it FREE here.


Debra Gould, The Staging Diva
President, Six Elements Inc.

P.S. I have lots of projects needing stagers and even a speaking engagement for the right stager. Read about these jobs here.

Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

Judy Kincaid is dead right on!  Everyone and their brother are now "Trainers" in the staging field!!!  It is of  utmost importance, if you're looking for training, that the trainer has been actually doing a client-based business for at least three years. Some of these "trainers" have been "trained" themselves in the past year!  Also, portfolios and references don't lie...- Egads! - I can't even imagine that if a person was starting a new career, or was ready to invest a chunk of money,  they wouldn't do tons of research, and inquires prior to jumping into a new line of work. 

Posted by Julea Joseph almost 14 years ago

Craig---I was checking out one of the links you listed and found info about a new book selling for $139.95 (reduced from $199.95) that teaches you how to get rich by staging only luxury homes.  I sure hope people are doing their "homework" before reaching for their credit cards on this one.  Before you know it, we will be inundated with home staging training infomercials on TV!

Julea---Thanks for validating my point!

Posted by Judy Kincaid almost 14 years ago


A little off topic, but I also wanted to mention one other element that is crucial in the staging business.  As the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".  A stager must be persuasive, and enegmatic; be able to persuade the homeowner to implement the changes.  Any real estate agent looking for a professional stager will want to ensure that it is someone who will always present a professional image, tactfullness, and especially loquacity, allure.

Posted by Jessica Hughes (Ambiance Staging) almost 14 years ago

I agree with Jessica, it is critical that the stager be able to present their ideas in a compelling and diplomatic way.

I discussed the "can lead a horse to water" idea in a post called Sometimes Home Staging Won't Work.



Posted by Debra Gould, The Staging Diva (Staging Diva / Six Elements Inc.) almost 14 years ago


I want to encourage you all out there as well as offer a word of marketing advice to Marilyn.  Even though it may seem that Home Stagers are cropping up everywhere, I have to tell you, their not on the Internet thus will not be found easily by their clients (Real Estate Agents who are all over the Internet).

My previous life was as an international speaker and published author on the methods of Internet Sourcing and Research.  In Week 2 of the HSR training program I teach my students via live webinar how to market themselves online (the students can see my computer screen while on a teleconference call).  As you all know, it's much easier to sell something to someone who has found you rather than doing the cold calling yourself.  Before every training, I do research prep work for each student on the call in all areas of the country.  RARELY, do I find another home stagers website connected to an applicable association, preferred vendor list or concierge.

To market yourself effectively you need to be where your target market is.  The beauty of home staging is that it gives you a specific target market that is easy and inexpensive to market to.  The Internet is a fabulous and easy medium for being found and finding your clients so make sure you take the time to do your research.  Good luck!

Warm Regards,

Audra Slinkey

FYI - I have a feeling Debra's comment about the gorgeous training website with photos is about HSR, "They're not hard to spot, they look like they came from magazines because they're shot by professionals working with a team of photo stylists."  I appreciate the flattery but to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT, every photo on the Home Staging Resource website was PERSONALLY taken by me (no team of photo stylists) with my little old Kodak Easy Share digital camera.  Believe it or not, I didn't even use Photoshop to edit them!  If you want free advice on taking great "After" photos, go to ...Stage It Forward


Posted by Audra Slinkey (Home Staging Resource) almost 14 years ago

Audra, I actually wasn't talking about your site at all. I visited all the sites in Craig's post. 

Congratulations on taking such nice photos to market your own services and I'm glad you're helping others to do the same. I feel strongly that any photo we use in our marketing materials should be of our own work. I actually just did a post about that called, "Stock Images: Effective Marketing Tool or Misleading Advertising?"

To your other point about the Internet, I completely agree that it is one of the best ways to build a staging business and most people are missing that opportunity (wasting money instead on single newspaper ads and flyers). Building a page is only the beginning. Being found and driving traffic to it is quite another story.

That's why I spend so much time on this as part of the Staging Diva Program. It's also why I created the Staging Diva Directory of Home Stagers and why the people listed in it have been emailing me about the projects and media interviews they've been getting as a result. One even observed that within 3 weeks her page being posted on the Staging Diva Directory, it came up number 1 of over one million listings on Google.  You can read hers and other comments  here. Graduates supply their own porfolio photos and copy and then I build their page, write the code for search engines to find them, and then host their page on my high traffic staging site, where homeowners and agents are actively looking for home stagers.

If the Internet weren't such a fabulous vehicle for building a home staging business, how else could I have referred a staging project to my Staging Diva Graduate all the way in Johannesburg South Africa, or the hundreds of others I've referred to graduates across the US and Canada?

You can read about many of these projects at my free site for stagers and aspiring stagers called, The Business of Home Staging.




Posted by Debra Gould, The Staging Diva (Staging Diva / Six Elements Inc.) almost 14 years ago
Craig this was rather informative for anyone considering the field. This is what I like about AR, the way members share information. 
Posted by Jennifer Fivelsdal, Mid Hudson Valley real estate connection ( JFIVE Home Realty LLC | 845-758-6842|162 Deer Run Rd Red Hook NY 12571) almost 14 years ago

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the marketing advice. For all you stagers out there please choose to not use the word "fluffing"

as it has a pornographic meaning  as buffing the participants before turning on the camera. Yikes!

Marilynn Currie CSP Abbotsford /Chilliwack

Posted by Marilynn Currie (Staging for Top Dollar Stager 9) almost 14 years ago

I love this blog and the fact that you direct people to different training courses. I am thankful that after checking out a few there was an opening in my part of town with Lori Matzke, Center Stage. She was practical and hands on and confirmed to me about Staging what I already had been dabbling in. I needed to get marketing and business ideas and her informmation has helped me to start, but I did attend a 6 week business course after that.

After my name being put on Lori's website, I had my first job within (2) weeks and continue to be part of this builder's team. THANKS LORI!

Phyllis Pafumi 

Posted by Phyllis Pafumi almost 14 years ago

Thank you for putting this together, Craig.  Very comprehensive!

I agree with the poster who suggested you offer training, but here is another idea that will get your great writing and incredible ideas out on a larger scale.  Just like any other fast-growing industry, I predict someone out there will, or is already working on launching a trade journal/magazine.  Imagine it.  You would be a great editor.  Let me know when I can sign up for my first subscription.


Posted by account deactivated (not listed) almost 14 years ago

Hello from B.C.

There is trade journal/magazine under the Canadian Staging Professionals starting January /07. Haven't seen  the mock up yet  but it will be a good selling tool to give to potential clients.

Marilynn Currie CSP Abbotsford/Chilliwack

Posted by Marilynn Currie (Staging for Top Dollar Stager 9) almost 14 years ago

Hi Craig

I am new t AR & have just started my Staging Co. I took a 30 hour course in Canada with Christine Rae.

Canadian Staging Professionals Have you heard of us?

Love your site I am coming back to it again & again & I will be watching your blog


Posted by Dianne Abrams (Dianne's Dynamic Designs) almost 14 years ago

Hi Diane...

FIRST... welcome to the wonderful world of staging. The fun and work NOW begins. I wish you the best.

Yes, I have heard of Christine Rae and of Canadian Staging Professionals... but I think she altered the name slightly (or has 2 companies) to be Certified Staging Professionals. WHICH happens to be the second company listed above.

Stage it forward...



Posted by Craig Schiller almost 14 years ago

Dianne and Craig - Yes CSP - Certified Staging Professionals and CSP Canadian Staging Professionals are the same thing, but one is marketed to the US and one to Canada. - and with different logos,



Posted by Alyse Bromberg (Dressed for Success) over 13 years ago
Yes the Canadian Staging Professionals came first but you can't market a staging training with Canadian in the name to the US so that is where Certified came from
Posted by Kimberly Uksik, Home Stager - Durham, Toronto, On. (Independent) over 13 years ago
Just curious as to why was not on your list....
Posted by Karen Otto, Plano Home Staging, Dallas Home Staging, (Home Star Staging) over 13 years ago
correction, my bad, you had it as staged homes only....mi culpa!  stage on!
Posted by Karen Otto, Plano Home Staging, Dallas Home Staging, (Home Star Staging) over 13 years ago
Wow!  You've don a lot of work to compile all of this information.  This is a great resource!  Thanks.
Posted by Lanita, Interior Concept Designs, Home Staging (Interior Concept Designs) over 13 years ago
Thank you so much for all the information you have posted.  I have been trying to find information on this for a while.  I hired someone to do staging for me on a home last year and she did a terrible job.  She had me do all the work and in the end I think I would have had the home looking much better without her.  I thought then I need to learn more about staging and offer this to my clients.  I plan to check out your links.
Posted by Patrick Canavan, Orange County Real Estate Voice (Keller Williams Realty) over 13 years ago