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Effective Marketing: cuts through the noise.

I wrote my last blog "Quasimodo Kristal... the Hunch Back Realtor of Notre Denver " for two reasons.  First I wanted to entertain a bit, but second was to make a point.

The point I wanted to make was that in ANY media over time it becomes harder for one's message to be heard.  And as wonderful as Active Rain is and has been, it will be increasingly difficult to cut through noise and stand out as more and more people join and start sharing in their own blogs. (This holds true for blogs in general.)

Effective marketing considers the media in which it is occurring and "cuts through".  Humor is one way to cut through (for now). But it is not always appropriate.  Pictures or a great head line can always help.

So bottom line...consider the medium and your audience and CRAFT your message.  I once heard it discribed as "Speaking into the listening of your audience."

Keep this also in mind when you are looking for a real estate stager in your area. A good stager understands that the service they provide is a marketing tool that helps the seller cut through the noise.  It is NOT interior decorating.  If the stager doesn't ask the simple yet key question, "Who will most likely buy this property?" then I would be suspect of their skills.


Comment balloon 3 commentsCraig Schiller • August 22 2006 05:23AM


Cutting through the noise  of the multiple layers of media we are pounded with each day is hard.  Making your message heard becomes more difficult to do.

You must "speak to the dog in the language of the dog."

BTW folks Craig was kind enough to ask permission to poke fun at/with me.  I found it humorous and very creative. 

Craig, do me a favor and please learn how to spell "Kraft" right!


Cheers, I'm off to the mountain today.

Posted by Kristal Kraft, Selling Metro Denver Real Estate - 303-589-2022 (Novella Real Estate) over 14 years ago

Hopefully "Cutting through the noise" will get easier as this network grows, and we add new ways to be noticed and to reach out.   Thanks Craig!

Posted by Caleb Mardini over 14 years ago

Powerful words! We do million-dollar homes, some of which have been staged to *die* for.. check this one out. .. the homeowners own (tongue twister) an art gallery. Do critique it, Craig! :)

How do I show a flat panorama here? I see the url link picture icon up here, but I'm like *clueless.* (I'd appreciate a link to instructions perhaps)

Posted by Dawn Shaffer Life is good! over 14 years ago